Monday, October 1, 2018

Teachers never told us about Filipinos in history class

I'M A PRODUCT of the American public school system and I learned a tremendous amount. It wasn't until college did I realize how much was left out of my education.

Even though I was learning about MY history about MY country, at the same time, sometimes I felt like an outsider looking in.

Where did I fit in? Where were my people? Was everything good about the world, and more specifically, the United States, because of a bunch of white guys (emphasize "guys”)?

Asians didn't merit any mention in history class until we studied World War II. Even then it was a fleeting mention. The main fighting, we were told; the important battles, so we were told, was happening in Europe. Again -- white guys fighting white guys. “Oh, and by the way, we dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan.”

In the few years I have been writing Views From the Edge, I've written several articles pertaining to Filipino American history,  hopefully filling in the void for some of you, dear readers. For Filipino American History Month, this October,  I've gathered them together - in no particular order - so that new readers who are interested can easily link to those past articles.

Video series telling Filipinos' untold role in the story of America
Vicky Manolo Draves, Olympic gold medal winner
Lost Filipino American Tribe: Legacy of the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis
For Buffalo soldiers, Philippine American War was a conflict of conscience
1946 - A turning point in Filipino American history
Saying 'thank you' to our parents
Philippine American War - A story of betrayal
Battle renewed over the Bells of Balangiga
AARP presents video on Filipino American history
A pilgrimage to the gravesite of author Carlos Bulosan

Larry Itliong Day passed by California legislators
50th anniversary of farmworkers' 1965 Grape Strike
The Fall of the International Hotel
Why Filipino veterans were given the Congressional Medal of Honor
Impact of U.S.-Philippines bases agreement
Professional race car driver Michele Bumgarner
DJ QBert - putting in the work to be the best
Black-eyed Peas pay tribute to the Filipino manongs
Ruby Ibarra's newest hit is the anthem we all need
Campaign launched for Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies
Filipino American History Month 2018: 1898 and 1968
Historic Gran Oriente Hotel preserved as affordable housing
Unexpected history lesson on Monterey's Cannery Row
Filipino nurses play a vital part of U.S. health care


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