Allegiance has been waiting in the wings for its Broadway debut for almost two years after its debut in Los Angeles. Created by actor George Takei, whose family was interned in those infamous internment camps for Japanese Americans on the West Coast. It finally found a theater and will open in the fall.

The Manila-raised Lea Salonga, who has made quite a name for herself on Broadway since her American debut in Miss Saigon, will reprise the role she had in the Los Angeles production the WWII dramatic musical as the wife of Sam Kimura, played by Takei.

Hollywood can learn a few things from their Broadway counterparts. 

Do Asian theme shows attract audiences. Yes!

Do nonAsians care if the casts are Asian? No!

Do Asian artists have talent? Yes!

All you need are relatable strong or complicated characters and a compelling storyline. It helps if you step away from the stereotypes, too. As these musicals prove, the audience will come. That's entertainment!
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