Thursday, September 28, 2017

TGIF FEATURE: Josh Chan is in for a nightmare season on 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend'

CW/ Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Josh Chan (Vincent Rodrigue III) and Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) try their best to be a happy couple.

I HOPE JOSH CHAN doesn't have any pet rabbits. Josh, our good ol' Filipino/American bro starring in the CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, is in the crosshairs of his vengeful ex-girlfriend ready to go into full Fatal Attraction mode.

The character, Josh Chan, American TV's only Filipino leading man, is played by Vincent Rodriguez III. Josh walked out on his wedding with Rebecca, superbly portrayed by award-winning actress Rachel Bloom. 

In the motion picture Fatal Attraction, the spurned love interest boiled the pet rabbit of the detective who was attracted to her and then rejected her.

The last time we saw our hapless hero Josh Chan, he had just freaked out over his upcoming wedding to Rebecca and he was entering a monastery to consider becoming a priest.

The jilted bride, the mentally unbalanced Rebecca, is out for revenge as we can see in the just released trailer for the show's third season.

"My hair is dark, so I look evil, and I'm wearing white, which is ironic," Rebecca tells a conference table of her co-workers in the new season 3 trailer, after swirling around in her office chair in an on-the-nose movie-villain move.

"I have a plan to destroy Josh Chan," she tells her girlfriends, who clap with approval.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, described as a romantic-comedy musical, is one of the most unusual series on television. Not only is it's heroine slightly off-balanced, in its first two seasons, it featured Josh's Filipino/American family - an historic first.

The show, which features original musical productions advancing the plot, will turn from a quirky romantic comedy to something more dark, releasing for full display Rebecca's unbalanced mental nature.

Pray Josh Chan. Pray.

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