Saturday, September 16, 2017

AAPI Athletes: Surprise! Addison Russell is back!

Addison Russell seems to recaptured his old form despite a nagging foot injury.

Addison Russell is back to his old self just in time for the Chicago Cubs' final push towards  the playoffs and possibly the chance to defend their World Series title.

Defying all expections, Russell's quick foot injury appears to cured. When he was put on the disabled list, there was a possibility that he would be out of the game until the end of the season, which ends later this month.

At his first plate appearance as a pinch hitter Saturday, he hit a 437-foot home run ensuring the Cubs win over the St. Louis Cardinals. The Wrigley Field fans gave him a standing ovation as he circled the bases. 

"It was a pretty special moment in my life," Russell said. "Walking up to the plate, I couldn't help but smile inside. I felt like it was pretty fun."
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The following day he started, he was able to start, something he hadn't done in since Aug. 2. And he continued to show that he's despite not playing for weeks, he's still can be a threat at the plate. His play at shortstop was sparkling and with second baseman Javier Baez, they form one of the best middle-infield combinations in the game.

“That was a lot of fun at the plate today,” he told the Chicago Sun-Times. “Mentally, I think I’m right there.”

Can the Cubs as a whole get back to that historic defensive level they played 2016 at?

"I think so," Russell said. "As we go down here toward the end of the season and then hopefully into the postseaosn, the team's just gonna get stronger, defensively and offensively."

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