Thursday, May 25, 2017

Uproar over The Bachlorette's decision to cut Asian American suitor

Blake K. meets this season's Bachelorette Rachel Lindsey.

THE BACHELOR/BACHLORETTE franchise finally - FINALLY - has a person of color in the coveted title role in the most diverse seasons of the competition.

Wouldn't you know it? The first contestant rejected by the Bachlorette Rachel Lindsey, was the Asian/American hunk, Blake K.

Rachel, the first bachelorette of color ever, has 31 men competing for her favor, including 14 men of color, the most in the show's history.

The show premiered Monday (May 22) with high anticipation and expectations. She had the tough task to eliminate eight guys on the first night. Among them was Blake K, a 6-foot tall former marine with a great physique and smile..

Could Rachel, the beautiful 32-year old attorney, have fallen for that old negative stereotype of AsAm men? In numerous polls, Asian/American men are the most unattractive date, the result of a century of the cultural desexualization of AsAm males. Asian men don't do well in this competition. They are usually eliminated early.

Usually, military veterans get some slack on the show but that didn't appear to make an impression on Rachel. Apparently, Blake's humility, in such contrast to his rivals, charmed Bachelor Nation. The sting of his departure was lessened somewhat with the ensuing uproar.

One fan began a petition to have Blake K. return as The Bechelor.

However, there's hope. There is one other Asian/American suitor still remaining on the show. Mohit, a product manager appears to be South Asian.

In an Instagram post two months ago while the show was still being filmed, Blake K posted a picture that may indicate the real reason he left the show early, 

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