Monday, May 8, 2017

NBC: Redefining Asian Americans

Beyond stereotypes, Asian America 2017

IF YOU'RE interested in Asian/American & Pacific Islander issues and concerns you probably know about NBC's Asian America website. If you haven't heard of it, go to it right now!

I go to it every day to learn and to be inspired. I readily admit to taking some of their stories and expanding on it for Views From the Edge. Hopefully, this hunt for news topics goes both ways.

For Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, the network site developed a video called "A to Z," a celebration of the emerging voices and breakout stars of the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. These 26 individuals are writing new definitions every day about what it means to be Asian/American and Pacific Islander in America today.

Featured are chefs, athletes, poets, performers, activists, artists, authors and civil rights activists and not a mathemetician or computer geek among them.

To see the 26 individuals spotlighted this year, click here.

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