Friday, November 6, 2015

Vote Peoples Choice Crazy ex-Girlfriend, Dr. Ken

Alberto Isaac plays Joseph Chan, father of Josh Chan, who is played by Vincent Rodriguez III.

TWO television comedies featuring Asian/American actors in leading roles are up for "Best New Show" in the People's Choice Awards.

The shows are Dr. Ken on ABC starring Ken Jeong; and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on the CW and starring Rachel Bloom and Filipino/American Vincent Rodriguez III.

Go to the People's Choice site to vote for either one.

By the way, did you notice a little bit of history was made in episode 4 of Crazy. When lead character Josh Chan had a scene with his father, radiologist Joseph Chan, it may be the first time that two Filipino/American characters were on the screen at the same time and interacted with each other, not as patsies or best friends or, or gofer for the white actor, or the anonymous "Asian guy" in the background. 

To anybody else, it was probably not worth a mention, but for me, it was "a moment."  It came and went so fast, it didn't hit me until later. There was no music swelling in the background, no wink to the audience, no special lighting, no magical ta-dah! It just happened  naturally in the context of the story.

Can anybody else recall when two Filipino/Americans were on an American television screen at the same time with speaking lines?

Ken Jeong as Dr. Ken

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