Friday, October 14, 2016

Buzzfeed: 15 memorable facts about Filipino American history you should know

No. 5
KEVIN NADAL,  a Buzzfeed contributor and author of Filipino American Psychology, has come up with one of that seemingly never-ending lists, "15 Memorable Facts About Filipino American History You Should Know."

He asked Filipino/Americans from all over the country to share what they want the world to know about Filipino/Americans.

He got the responses that you would expect. Liz Casasole wrote, "One in five Asian Americans is Filipno-Americans."

"Filipinos have been on 'American' soil since 1587. The U.S.A. was founded in 1776 was EJ David's contribution.

Most of Buzzfeed's list are innocuous and non-controversial, meant to bring a smile. However, No. 5 created a bit of a stir. "The United States colonized the Philippines in 1898, and Filipinos fought hard to keep their independence and sovereignty during the Philippine-American War that lasted until 1913. We are here because America was there," which was Jessica Patelio's add.

One response said that No. 5 is something that shouldn't be celebrated. But other readers defended the item should be on the list. Nadal didn't ask for facts to be proud of but that impressions was given because the other 14 items on the list were cause for pride and that made No. 5 stick out.

I think the point that Jessica tried to point out is that Filipinos were fighting for their Independence, first against Spain, and then against the United States. 
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The war for the Philippines' independence lasted longer than the Spanish-American War, longer than WW1 and WWII. It did not end in 1902 as American history textbooks would have us believe. Some historians say the Philippine-American War lasted well into the 1950s after the U.S. gave the Philippines was given its "independence," in 1946.

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