Monday, August 22, 2016

Vincent Rodriguez III celebrates first anniversary with his husband

VINCENT RODRIGUEZ III, who plays Josh Chan in the incredibly entertaining television show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, celebrated his first anniversary at the place where he made his proposal -- Disneyland.

He took his husband, Gregory Wright, back to the Happiest Place On Earth, Sunday (Aug. 21) where he popped the question on Aug. 23, last year.

Rodriguez shared a collage of the weekend to Instagram to commemorate the special occasion:

Awww! Who knew the Filipino/American actor was such a big fan of the Magic Kingdom?
CEG has started filming its second season. According to Rodriguez, the first season was just a "prologue."

“There’s talk that season 1 was actually a prologue to the story,” Rodriguez said at the PEOPLE and EW Upfronts party in New York City last week. “At the season finale of season 1, it was like, ‘Now the story’s going to actually start.’ So that’s what’s exciting about season 2: all that stuff that happened in season 1, that was just the precursor. Now what’s going to happen? From what I’ve heard, it’s pretty exciting.”

Less we forget, the character Josh who Rodriguez portrays on CEG, is Filipino/American and that opened the door for TV's first historic depiction of a Filipino/American family, accents and all.

But before we get to the second season, there's next month's Emmy Awards, where CEG was nominated in several categories, including Outstanding Choreography in a musical number that featured Rodriguez as the four members of a boy band. (You have to see it to appreciate it.).