Wednesday, July 27, 2016

DNC: 'Stronger Together' by Jessica Sanchez in the grand finale

Jessica Sanchez
JESSICA SANCHEZ's new song debuted at the conclusion of an history-making occasion, the Democratic National Convention, that saw the first woman candidate of a major political party in the U.S.  Jessica's song, "Stronger Together" could become the theme song for the Hillary Clinton campaign through to the elections in November.

After Hillary Clinton delivered her acceptance speech, during which she outlined her vision of America's future and lambasted her Republican opponent, Donald Trump; and as the red, white and blue balloons came floating down from the rafters, Jessica's celebratory song came on reiterating the convention's theme - stronger together.

“Honored to do this song for @HillaryClinton and the #DNC,” Sanchez, 20, tweeted Wednesday.
The only Asian American ever to make it into the finals of American Idol has released a single that could become the theme song of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President.

"Stronger Together" is performed by Jessica Sanchez and written by Carole Bayer Sager, Bruce Roberts and Kenneth Babyface Edmonds specifically for Hillary Clinton. If it catches on, expect it to be played at upcoming Clinton rallies. It’s already reportedly has been played at the Democratic National Convention.

Stronger Together is also the latest in a line of slogans for the Clinton campaign. For Asian Americans, it can mean the diverse coalition of the Democratic Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign, both of which has seen a large number of Asian Americans in visible positions. For the campaign, it can mean the coming together of Bernie Sanders supporters and Clinton supporters to defeat Donald Trump. For others, it can mean a new America in which people of color are integrated into the larger society and accepted for who they are.
The 20-year-old American Idol finalist's "Stronger Together" was written for Hillary Clinton by songwriters Carole Bayer Sager, Bruce Roberts and Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, who also produced the piece.
According to a source at the convention, the song was played Tuesday (July 26) for test purposes at Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center and it was supposed to make a grand debut following Bill Clinton's speech later that night. But someone decided to withhold it until the grand finale.

On the up-tempo pop song, Sanchez sings,
So united in the spiritThey’ll be better days to comeIf you reach out, you can feel itBecause its simple everyone.Don’t you know that we’re stronger togetherStronger yes we are
Sanchez, a resident of San Diego, is the only Asian/American to reach the American Idol finals, where she almost won in 2012.
(AsAm News contributed to this report.)