Wednesday, July 20, 2016

GOP Convention: Diary of A Trump Delegate, Day 3

Korean and Korean/American media interviewed Korean/American GOP delegates Lisa Shin and Michelle Park.

By Lisa Shin
Reprinted from AsAm News

TODAY I joined Michelle Park Steel, a Korean/American elected to the Orange County (California) Board of Supervisors, for an unexpected press conference with the Korean media. Michelle was poised and calm through it all, while I was flustered and overwhelmed

Like I posted yesterday, Koreans have taken a keen interest in me, and are astounded that I was chosen to speak at the Convention. There were several requests for more interviews. One reporter said he was proud of me, and was glad that Koreans would have a voice with Mr. Trump.
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This is quite a remarkable turn of events. When my parents submitted news of my being a New Mexico delegate to a local Korean newspaper, they were told that it would violate IRS rules to publish it. Another Korean newspaper never responded to my requests for a paid advertisement.
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The RNC roll call vote was exciting. A spokesperson from each state gave a short, but rousing speech. Donald Trump officially clinched the Republican nomination.

(Shin is a delegate from New Mexico. She is scheduled to speak before the entire convention on Thursday. She will be providing her thoughts and photos throughout the convention for AsAmNews.)

Lisa Shin, right, takes a break from the GOP Convention floor with another Trump supporter.