Wednesday, July 27, 2016

DNC: A moment of pride: AAPI lawmakers represent

OH, MAN! Lump-in-the-throat time. Members of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus shared the stage at the Democratic National Convention today (July 27). But before they were introduced, a video that was both a tribute to their predecessors including Senators Patsy Mink and Daniel Inouye and Rep. Norman Mineta and a record of their achievements through the years.

For a lot of Americans, this may be the first exposure they've had on Asian/American and Pacific Islander history. 

Rep. Judy Chu, California, had the best line, "We've came from being marginalize to becoming the margin of victory" in key swing states like Virginia, Nevada and Pennsylvania. Chu is the first Chinese/American woman elected to Congress. Several of them stood at the podium to say why they are supporting Hillary Clinton. 

Diversity and inclusion seems to be the theme this afternoon at the Philadelphia conclave. It's hard to believe but it was only 37 years ago before any AAPI lawmakers walked Washington's marbled halls. Today there are 13 representatives and one senator.

"Today, we have a voice."