Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Twitter-sation: A Muslim/American father's advice to his teenage daughter goes viral

Muslim/American teenager Lamyaa shuts down hateful Tweeter but starts an important conversation.

PENNSYLVANIA teenager Lamyaa (She refrained from publishing her last name) destroyed a stereotype about Muslim men with her posting of a conversation she had with her father about wearing a hijab.

Being "different" as a high-schooler is just about the biggest curse you can have when negotiating your way through those tumultuous teen years.

That's why I admire the young girls who choose to wear a hijab in high school despite the fact that it makes them targets for ignorant bullies and haters.

According to Fusion, Lamyaa, 17, was in a heated group chat discussing politics when she called out Donald Trump’s treatment of Muslims. Shortly after, a friend of a friend asked her to stop defending her religion.

“Stop defending Islam Bitch,” the message (here's a screenshots) that Lamyaa reposted on Twitter. “You couldn’t take that scarf off or your dad would beat your ass.”

To prove how ignorant that assumption was, Lamyaa texted her father and told him she wanted to take off her hijab.

She placed her father's message and the original tweet and posted it. It went viral across the world. Other social media and news sites picked it up and the responses came pouring in.

While the majority of the responses have been supportive and positive, some people pointed out that her father is just one man and doesn't represent the majority of Muslim men. Lamyaa answered:

Others felt compelled to point out that in some Muslim countries, women are given no choice but to wear a hijab. 

“Yes, a lot of women are forced to where the hijab. That’s horrible and I have [been] one to point that out numerous times,” Lamyaa said in a follow-up tweet. “That oppression however is not what the hijab symbolizes, it’s not why women wear it. I personally chose to wear the the hijab, for myself and for god.”

“I will always stand up for others and it breaks my heart to know that some women do not get to make a choice in what they do with their OWN bodies,” she added.

And - if you haven't guessed already - Lamyaa is NOT taking off her hijab.

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