Tuesday, April 18, 2017

If you're an AAPI voter living in Georgia's 6th District, VOTE!

Tom Ossoff, running for Congress in Georgia

FED UP with what's happening in Washington? Any hope that Donald Trump would moderate his campaign promises and become president of all the people is out the window.

Minorities - if they come out to vote - could spell the difference in the vote outcome. Asian/Americans make up only 4 percent of the electorate in Georgia, but in the 6th  Congressional District, they are about 12 percent and that is enough to determine the next member of Congress in a special election Tuesday, April 18. Hispanics and African Americans, are about 15 percent each.

The first step to keeping America in the 21st century is taking place in Georgia's 5th Congressional District, a suburban area just north of Atlanta. District 6 voters are seeking to replace the seat vacated by Tom Price when he was appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Democrats see an opportunity to flip a seat that has been in Republican hands for decades. The party which is believes that the race could be harbinger for 2018 when the mid-term elections are held.

Jon Ossoff, a 30-year old, previously unknown documentary filmmaker has become a lightning rod for the excitement and anger that has been building since the election in November, and has become the outlet for Democrats looking for a way to make a statement. 

The 11 GOP candidates running against Ossoff will split the Republican vote but Ossoff must win the majoritiy to avoid a runoff election.

Although traditionally a Republican safe seat, Donald Trump only won by 1.5 percentage points.