Sunday, January 8, 2017

Yes We Can: People share their most memorable moments from the Obama Presidency

AS BARACK OBAMA'S historic presidency comes to an end, we are already feeling a sense of loss, especially considering what's to come next.

From the moment we began chanting "Yes, we can," to the president's final public speech that will be in Chicago, Jan. 10 (Tuesday) it has been a special time, not just for African/Americans, not only for People of Color, not only for Americans. We might not see a presidency like his ever again - at least in the near future.

My personal favorite moment is this one that seemed so spontaneous but so moving: Obama soars with "Amazing Grace."

This video was produced by Yes We Can. It features people from all over the world recalling  their favorite moment during Obama's two terms in office. It has a quite a few responses from Asians and Asian/Americans.

You can share your favorite Obama moment here.