Sunday, January 22, 2017


AMERICA SPEAKS - hell, the world speaks. Today was a great day. A powerful day!

Millions of people hit the streets today to express their opposition to Donald Trump's agenda of turning the clock back. Lots of Nasty Women and Bad Hombres.

It reminded me about the time when the civil rights movement merged with the anti-war movement. Multiple causes, diversity of thought and of people converged to create a powerful statement.

AAPI groups and individuals joined their fellow Americans to tell the President, who had been in office one day, that he had better not try to undo all the progress we've made the last 60 years and to remind him - as much as it irks the thin-skinned Trump - that he didn't win the popular vote.

The numerous marches in cities across the country and on all seven continents (including Antartica) is so overwhelming to cover as a journalist. I just want to luxuriate in the hope I'm feeling right now that 'Yes, we can" possibly have found a weapon to counter someone's Twitter feed and manipulation of the media.

What made me even more proud was that members of my far-flung family took the time to do something that many of them have never done before by joining a march in their respective cities. Way to go!

Hari Nef Sunday morning, President Trump tweeted:

Don't forget to scroll down to watch Aziz Ansari's opening monologue from last night on Saturday Night Live. Here's a small sampling of the social media: