Thursday, January 26, 2017

Grace Meng seeks vice chair position for DNC

REP. GRACE MENG  (D-N.Y.) is running for the Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee, a position she has held since the summer of 2016.

Meng, as a politician of color, hopes to position herself as a bridge between the factions of the Democratic Party, which has been searching for answers since their disastrous performance in the November election.

Rep. Grace Meng
“Democrats must continue to invest in communities of color and emerging communities, and we must engage our base — fourth-generation steel workers and first-generation Americans alike,” she stated.

Democrats have been debating among themselves the future of their party: continue to emphasize outreach to the growing minority blocs and women; or reach out to Trump's supporters, white, disaffected blue-collar vote.

She received the endorsement of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO (APALA) recently.

“Grace’s representation on the DNC marks an important shift for representing AAPIs in the Democratic Party on the national stage,” stated Johanna Puno Hester, APALA National President and Assistant Executive Director of the United Domestic Workers, AFSCME Local 3930. “With an incoming administration that has polarized our nation already and with a need to strengthen the Democratic Party with more leaders of color, strong allies in government like Grace will be hard to come by.”

“Throughout my life, I have dedicated my work towards racial, social, and economic justice. Representative Grace Meng doesn’t just share my vision but, both as a member of Congress and as DNC Vice Chair, she’s proven that she knows how to make progress towards achieving our goal of a more equal and just society. I’m proud to support her campaign for re-election and look forward to continuing our work to better our party and our country,” commented APALA Executive Director Gregory A. Cendana.

“APALA has a long history of elevating voices in the AAPI community and building coalitions to fight for immigrant and minority communities.,” said Meng. “I’m honored to receive APALA’s endorsement and support as I fight to expand and strengthen the coalitions already built by organizations like APALA, and to create new lasting, meaningful partnerships between existing communities and the Democratic Party.”

Rep. Meng is a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and the House Committee on Small Business, and recently spearheaded legislation to eliminate the term “oriental” in federal law.

Just a couple of days before the Inauguration of the 45th President, she announced that she would not be attending the ceremony, joining four other AAPI members of Congress.

“I respect the office of the President and our nation’s peaceful transfer of power,” said Meng. “But the President-elect must get the message that his antagonistic and divisive comments are unacceptable. We cannot tolerate attacks on women, minorities or a civil rights icon.”

She represents the Sixth Congressional District of New York encompassing the New York City borough of Queens, where she was born. Meng is the first Asian/American Member of Congress from New York State, and the only Congressmember of Asian descent in the entire Northeast.