Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hollywood eyes movie about Dan Inosanto, Filipino American martial artist

Dan Inosanto, left, was Bruce Lee's best student.

A MOVIE is in the works about Dan Inosanto, reputedly Bruce Lee's best student, who also introduced Lee to the Philippine martial arts escrima and kali.

The Mark Gordon Company, the veteran production banner whose credits range from Saving Private Ryan to the upcoming remake of Murder on the Orient Express, is developing the story of the Filipino/American master of several martial arts, including jeet kune do and escrima.

Dan Inosanto on the cover of 'Black Belt.'
Jeet Kune Do - derived from kung fu - was developed by pop culture icon Lee. Escrima is a Filipino weapons based martial art, often relying on two sticks.

Lee and Inosanto were best friends as each taught the other their martial art. Lee often used escrima techniques in his movies, most notably in Lee's best known movie, the classic Enter the Dragon.

Inosanto has been a fight coordinator on several movies and appeared in Enter the Dragon. Inosanto, in his 70s, continues to teach. Among his students are several movie stars including Denzel Washington and Forest Whitacker and MMA's Anderson Silva.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, MGC’s Mark Gordon and Matt Jackson will produce the film along with Diana Lee Inosanto, Inosanto’s daughter and Lee’s goddaughter.

No information about casting for this motion picture.