Saturday, June 3, 2017

The emotional wedding photo that has the world shedding tears

Adrian whispers something in his bride's ear and tears start to flow.


Wedding shoots can be the bane of many professional photographers, but they help pay the rent. The photographer can shoot a bunch of humdrum cliche photos, or he or she can turn the assignment into a special challenge.

I love candid photos over the posed, formal photographs. The unposed photos can capture a special moment or an emotion frozen in a single frame. It is often a hit-and-miss approach. Out of hundred shots, maybe only one or two are good enough to save.

The beautiful, touching picture atop this post one of those special moments captured by Australian photographer James Day.  He posted it on his Facebook and it went viral. Read his description below of how the magical moment happened.

The Asian/Australian couple featured in the wedding shoot were only named Adrian and Roslyn. No last name was revealed for privacy reasons.

The picture was featured in newspapers and magazines around the world with many responding that it made them shed tears for the powerful and true moment captured by Day's lens.

The photo is a true testament of love, and people around the world got pretty emotional after seeing it.

A few moments after his secret message to her and after Day snapped his now-famous photo, Day took another shot.


So what did he whisper to Roslyn?

"It wasn't for me to hear," Day told the Sydney Mail. "I had him whisper it in her ear because it's for her ears only."

"I like that they were able to share that moment privately ... well ... until it went viral on the internet."

"It's been awesome to read everyone's comments and tags where they are telling their partners why they chose them out of the billions of people out there," Day told Whimn a few days after his photo went viral. "In a world that is at war, there's still so much Love out just needs to be given a safe place to be expressed."

It is so easy to be despondent and depressed considering all the terrible things going on in today's world. It helps to be reminded that there are things in life that counter all that negativity. 

One last shot. Adrian and Roslyn were able to see the photos and the world's comments while they were on their honeymoon in Iceland ... about as far away from Australia as you can get.

Thanks for sharing James, Adrian and Roslyn.

Adrian and Roslyn at Black Sand Beach in Vik, Iceland view their photos.