Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Day Without A Woman - despite some success, AAPI women suffer pay gap

MARCH 8 is International Women's Day and the day chosen by organizers of the Women's March on Washington for women to show their opposition to many of the policies being proposed by Mr. Trump.

If you can't leave work today, organizers urge participants to wear red to show solidarity and to avoid spending money to s\demonstrate the economic clout of women.

Why are women striking? Here are some responses. Maybe this chart from the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum might explain one major reason: the unequal pay gap between men and women, particularly Asian/American women.

NAPAWF graphic
Although the earnings of Indian, Taiwanese and Chinese women exceed the men, the vast majority of AAPI women earn less, countering the model minority myth of AAPI economic success. 

As women are being urged today to mark International Woman’s Day by taking part in a one day strike, Asian/American women are struggling to make up a 7 to 56 percent wage gap with White men, reports AsAm News.

A fact sheet released this month by the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum found a wide disparity in wages and salaries faced by various APIA subgroups.

On average, Asian American Pacific Islander women make 85 cents for every dollar a White man makes. Bhutanese/American woman fare the worst, making just 38 cents while Indian/American woman, largely due to preferences in our immigration system for highly skilled STEM workers, make 18 percent more than White men.

“The pay gap increases for Asian/American women even more with age,” said NAPAWF. “The National Women’s Law Center estimated that Asian American women ages 45-64 years make just 68 cents to each dollar earned by a White man, while working Asian American women 65 years and old make a mere 53 cents.”

This wage disparity is reflected in the high poverty rate among APIA women over the age of 65- 16 percent compared to 5.3 percent for both White men and Non-Hispanic men and 13.1 percent for Asian men.

The wage gap between APIA women and men is even greater with Asian women making 81 cents for every dollar an Asian man makes.

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