Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Family in viral video looks back on the BBC interview that made them famous


BY NOW, you’ve likely seen the viral video of the Asian kids who interrupted their dad during a live BBC television interview and the mom who desperately tried to take them away.

BBC returned to the family of Prof. Robert Kelly to get their reaction to the incident and the instant fame they garnered because of the video.

The original video has been seen by millions on social media, and now for the first time, the family is making its first comments about the incident.

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“I think the reason why this went viral is because my real life sort of punched through the fake cover I had created for television,” said Professor Robert Kelly.

“He usually locks the door,” his wife Kim said. “Most of the time they come back to me after they find the locked door. But they didn’t. And then I saw the door was open. It was chaos for me.”

You know you've hit the big time when people do parodies of the incident. The incident is so widely known that producers Michael Tow and Teja Arboleda have produced their own parody of the incident.

Thank you Mr and Mrs. Kelly (and your children) for providing us a lovely respite from the hard news of the day. (Views From the Edge contributed to this report)