Saturday, September 10, 2016

Filipino teen blocks Stephen Curry's shot


STEPH CURRY of the Golden State Warriors toured Asia for his sponsor Under Armour this summer to promote the game and to sell a few shoes. The tour went without a hitch until towards the end, he met a little bump on the road.

Just like last summer when the NBA's MVP underwent a similar trip, Curry was treated like a rock star with fans following his every move. 

The amiable basketball star gave clinics, interviews and played exhibition games to crowded pavilions.
Curry obliged his fans in Tokyo with the inevitable selfie.

In Taipei, Taiwan, the exhibition game was with a pair of Under-18 teams. Curry had the ball in his hands for the final possession. It’s a scenario we’ve seen plenty of times before. Curry calmly brought the ball up the court, waited patiently for the right moment to take the shot and rose for a potential game-winner from the top of the key.

But then, to everyone's surprise, the shot got blocked by the teenager who was guarding him. The kid that blocked the shot is Gian Mamuyac, who plays for the Philippines' U-18 national team.

Mamuyac knows what he's doing. The teenager is currently enrolled at Ateneo High School, a powerhouse hoops prep school in the Philippines. 

So he's a good basketball kid. There are worse shames than having your stuff packed and crated by a good basketball kid — even if you were just selected the planet's best basketball player this year.

Curry handled the block well, jokingly asking for a do-over of the final moments of the game. Mamuyac obliged, this time with Harden defense. The emcee of the even decided that wasn't the right way to end the game, so he asked Curry if he wanted to re-do the last possession. They did replay the last few moments with the expected result when Curry drained a three-pointer over Mamuyac.

Mamuyac was voted the game's MVP and was given an invitation to attend Curry's basketball camp in Oakland, California.

Gian Mamuyac's Instagram account had a picture of his historic block.