Monday, September 12, 2016

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Quest Crew tie for Outstanding Choreography Emmy

IT'S NOT OFTEN that anything Asian gets nominated for an Emmy so when anything Asian-related gets that prestigious nomination we tend to go overboard. Then, imagine our dilemma when Quest Crew and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend featuring our favorite Filipino/American bro, Josh as played by Vincent Rodriguez III, got nominated for the same award - Outstanding Choreography.

That dilemma was solved last weekend when the two contenders tied! So awesome!

The Creative Emmys awards are given a week before the Emmy telecast next Sunday when the major acting awards will be given. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend also won an Emmy for best editing with a single camera.

The all-Asian/American Quest Crew won their Emmy for a performances on America's Best Dance Crew reality competition.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's choreographer Kat Burns won her Emmy for the number she designed for “A Boy Band Made Up of Four Joshes” featuring Rodriguez.
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Watch the amazing Emmy-winning dance performances below and enjoy.

Hey, as an aside, don't these performances by these dancers blow up to smithereens that old meek, unsexy Asian male stereotype?

The Week 4 performance "The Bench" was the most meaningful for the Quest Crew dancers: "D-Trix" AKA Dominc Sandoval, "Hok" AKA Okuto Konishi, "Dope Turtle" AKA Steve Terada, "Ryanimay" AKA Daniel Ryan Conferido, "Ru" AKA Rudy Reynon, II, "Feng" AKA Ryan Feng, "Jolee" AKA Joe Lee and "Hirano" AKA Brian Hirano.

“Basically the bench represented retirement as dancers,” Quest Crew member Terada  revealed to Yahoo news.

“It was really emotional for us, just because we know as we get older that we’re not going to be performing together, and as a dancer, you have a finite time to be onstage with your brothers. And since we are a crew and we’ve been together for so long, it really hit us in a different way that we never thought would be possible.”

“We have literally never been that emotional onstage ever in our careers,” Konishi said of the Emmy-winning piece. “So for that to be recognized for an award like this is just like a cherry on top, really. It’s amazing.”