Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A beautiful moment: A private concert for a hospice patient touches everyone

Karinya "Yaya" Chen sang along with Florence Welch
UNTIL LAST week, I wasn't much of a Florence and the Machine fan. I wasn't a fan because I didn't like their music, I'm just not familiar with them. But, I'm a fan now!

After a Thursday night concert at the Austin 360 Amphitheater in Austin, Texas, lead singer Florence Welch learned from hospice staff about the plight of a a 15-year old fan who couldn't attend the concert. 

The next day, Welch and guitarist Rob Ackroyd visited Karinya "Yaya" Chen, who was confined to her bed at nearby Hospice Austin's Christopher House where they performed a 45-minute private concert for the young hospice patient.
The performance hit the hearts of many at the hospice. Florence held Yaya's hand as they sang together. Her  friends joined in singing the chorus and her family taped the event.

"They brought our patient some T-shirts, a hoodie and a bag, a poster. Our patient wanted Florence to sign her arm with permanent marker so it wouldn't come off, and so Florence did," said Melinda Marble, a staff member at Hospice Austin.

It was a beautiful, touching moment that's is all too rare in world where hate and evil. "All of us were crying. All the staff were crying," Marble told KVUE. 

"There were shrieks and squeals and so much joyous music and singing and tears and tears and tears of grief and joy and hope and love and utter devastation," wrote nurse practitioner Christi Kramer on the hospice's Facebook page, "and somehow simple kindness made everything better."

If you aren't touched by this video, you have a heart of stone.