Thursday, August 3, 2017

TGIF FEATURE: Asian America's got talent; 9-year olds stun, magician amazes, escape artist defies death and more

Celine Tam reacts when one of the judges gives her the Golden Buzzer allowing her go straight to the live shows.

THIS SEASON'S America's Got Talent has some fantastic acts that you should catch because you might never see these Asian/American wanna-be entertainers again if they don't make it to the finals.

Several Asian/Americans got the Golden Buzzer, which means they move on to the next phase of the reality show and others, including two dance crews made it to the live shows in Las Vegas.

It's hard to pick a favorite among the Asians and Asian/American acts that move on to the next phase of the talent competition.

Angelica Hale learns she will be going to Las Vegas.
I held my breath as I watched Indonesian/American Demian Aditya get buried alive and his wife, fearing for his life, started yelling, "Get him out. Get him out!" and Simon Cowell tried to put a stop to the act.

And Jeki Yoo amazed the judges with his card tricks within two feet from their seats.

The dance crews Just Jerk from Korea and Brobots & Mandroiz were fantastic in their choreography and amazing moves.

But for my money, I'd bet it will be one of the adorable 9-year old girls, Celine Tam or Angelica Hale, with strong diva-like vocals far beyond their years.

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