Sunday, July 9, 2017

Trump isolates America from the rest of the world (except Russia)

Donald Trump sits alone while the world's leaders talk with each other.

ALAS, the G20 is now the G19.

The United States has abdicated any leadership role in the community of nations. The meeting in Germany of the 20 top economic powerhouses in the world underscored the futility of Donald Trump's America First campaign. 

As Trump was complaining about the "bad deals" the United States have been part of, such as NATO and NAFTA and the scuttling of a similar agreement with Asian and Pacific nations, Europe and Japan signed a major trade treaty that in the past, the U.S. would have been a partner.

While Trump walked away from the Paris climate agreement, 19 of the nations -- including Russia and China -- were signing on the dotted line to reduce the factors that is hastening of the melting of the polar icecaps affecting climates and shorelines around the world.
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While the world's -- not the just the U.S. -- intelligence agencies confirm Russian meddling in America's election process, Trump accepts without question the denial by Russian President Vladimir Putin. In fact, Trump wants to let the fox into the henhouse by teaming up with Russia to create a cyber watchdog to prevent any future Internet interference. Really?

The commentary below by Australian commentator Chris Uhlman went viral worldwide. He sums up what the rest of the world thinks of Donald Trump. Sad.