Sunday, July 2, 2017

Stunning upset: Unknown upsets Pacquiao

In round nine, Manny Pacquiao almost had Jeff Horn reeling and the referee almost stopped the fight but the Australian fighter's team convinced the referee to let the fight continue.

AUSTRALIAN Jeff Horn, with 18 professional fights under his belt, upset boxing legend Manny Pacquio in a controversial decision.

Although the 11-time champion was favored, the 38-year old Pacquiao definitely showed his age against the 29-year old Horn. Punches that in the past would knock out his opponents didn't have that effect this time. Still, the Filipino boxer had his quickness and ring savvy to pull him through the 12-round match for the WBO welterweight crown.

Staged in Brisbane, Australia, the partisan crowd cheered their homeboy to victory even though he barely landed any of his punches. Horn used his aggression, a series of illegal head butts and in the clinches, punching on the back of Pacquiao's head, to make it appear like he was winning.
The judges -- two from the U.S. and one from Argentina -- awarded the fight to the Australian. Apparently, they were swayed by the blood spilling from Pacquiao's head caused by the head butts instead of watching the gloves and where they landed.

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