Thursday, July 13, 2017

Independent panel confirms Horn's victory over Pacquaio

Manny Pacquiao and Jeff Horn in their July 2 fight. ESPN's unofficial scorecard had Pacquiao ahead.

THE CONTROVERSIAL decision that took the title away from Manny Pacquiao was reexamined by the WBO with the same results: Jeff Horn won.

The Filipino boxer still disagrees with the decision that resulted in him losing the WBO world welterweight title in Brisbane, Australia last July 2.

The reevaluation of the fight was done at the request of the Philippine government. The conclusion of the independent panel concluded that Horn won seven rounds to Pacquiao's five.

Viewed on ESPN, it appeared to many viewers and ESPN boxing analyst Teddy Atlas that Pacquiao was robbed. He went so far as to say that the decision was corrupt, a remarkable charge on live sports television. 

Indeed, ESPN's punch counter landed more punches and a higher percentage of punches than Horn. However, the three judges at the fight were not counting punches. Perhaps they were swayed by the partisan crown cheering for the hometown hero, or perhaps Horn's aggressiveness impressed the judges.

"I love this sport and until the passion is gone, I will continue to fight for God, my family, my fans and my country," Pacquiao said.

A guarantee of a rematch was in Pacquiao's contract. The date for that fight hasn't been set yet.