Sunday, July 2, 2017

Disgruntled doctor kills Asian American physician in rampage at NYC hospital

DR. TRACY SIN-YEE TAM wasn't even supposed to be there. She was doing a favor filling in for a fellow doctor. That favor cost her, her life.

At the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital in New York City, a disgruntled doctor opened fire and killed Tam and wounded six others before turning the gun on himself last Friday, (June 30)

Tam was killed that afternoon when Dr. Henry Bello, a 45-year-old former family physician at the hospital, pulled an AR-15 assault rifle out from under his lab coat and began firing. Bello then fatally shot himself after attempting to set himself on fire.

Six others were wounded in the shooting, and one person remains in critical condition. The other five are in stable condition.

Hospital spokesperson Errol Schneer told media that Tam was “well-liked by the hospital staff.”

"This hospital terminated my road to a licensure to practice medicine,” Bello wrote in an email to hospital staff members before the rampage. “First, I was told it was because I always kept to myself. Then it was because of an altercation with a nurse.”

He blamed the unnamed nurse and other staff for plotting against him and for his termination in Feb. 2015.

Bello had a history of erratic behavior. He was arrested in 2004 after being accused of imprisoning and assaulting a woman. And in 2009, two women accused him of trying to look up their skirts with a mirror. (The 2004 arrest resulted in a felony abuse charge that was dismissed after Bello pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of unlawful imprisonment, said a report by The New York Times.