Saturday, June 17, 2017

MSNBC: Lessons from Watergate

WHEN did cynicism and lack of faith in our political system overtake the optimism and dreams that usually were associated with the United States' version of democracy?

Some would say, the election of Donald Trump might be the result of the downward spiral that began with Watergate and the Nixon administration.

Tonight, (June 17) MSNBC will begin airing its 16-hour mini-series, "All the President's Men," looking back at the scandal that knocked democracy off its pedestal and into the gutter. Although it all happened four decades ago, it led to today's nightmare of a presidency.

With all the scandal and questions surrounding the Trump administration, most of America have mostly shrugged its shoulders as if this is what is expected in the new normal of the United States.

If Watergate had not happened, Trump would have been kicked out of office in the first week of his office. 

Then again, if Watergate had not happened, Trump never would have even attempted to run for office. He'd never have been picked by the Republicans to fly its banner int he presidential campaign. He'd never have been elected. America would not be in the mess its in, right now.

There are lessons to be learned, particularly to the parallels to today's administration.

It is particularly instructive to the young people to whom Watergate is ancient history and not made the connection between Nixon, Vietnam, Reagan, Iran-Contra, the Bushes and ultimately, Trump.

It is also good for us old-timers to remind ourselves what America used to be like and what it can be again. 

The protests of the 60s spawned the anti-war movement, gave birth to environmental movement, gave new impetus to the women's movement, that spurred the civil rights movement beyond the black community and provided a link to other minority groups --  including Asian Americans - to rise up for equality.

Watch MSNBC tonight, 9 pm Eastern.

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