Sunday, June 4, 2017

How to make Gordon Ramsey's Filipino-inspired hamburger

Gordon Ramsay, left, and Maura Hohman on 'Good Morning, America,'

CELEBRITY CHEF Gordon Ramsey had a taste of a Filipino hamburger on Good Morning America last week and loved it.

He was on ABC's morning talk show as a promotion for his new series The 'F' Word, which debuted May 31 on Fox, and he was tasked to pick between two hamburgers. One bite of each and it didn't take long for him to picke the Filipino -inspired burger over the chorizo burger. 

The Filipino-inspired burger, prepared by Maura Hohman was called “Pork Adobo Burger.” Hohman briefly discussed how she made the burger, by adding “quintessential adobo flavors which are vinegar, soy sauce, bay leaf, and garlic.”

Asked to comment on the burger, Ramsay said “It was seasoned beautifully. The bun, it’s a traditional Filipino bread (pan de sal).” After trying the two burgers, without heistitation, the temperamental Ramsay chose the Filipino-inspired burger as the winner of the burger cookoff. “I’m gonna go with the Filipino one,” ended Ramsay.

Before we start talking about cultural appropriation, -- Hohman is not of Filipino descent -- this is not a Filipino dish. Hamburgers are American as apple pie. What makes it different is the use of Filipino ingredients. She at least gave credit where credit is due.
"Fusion" dishes have been around since Marco Polo introduced Chinese noodles to Italians and we know what that led to. 

Filipino cuisine is, in some ways, the predecessor of the fusion food movement. The Philippines' indigenous palate over the centuries has been influenced by the taste sets of China, Japan, Malay, India, Spain and America.

It's clear that Filipino food in all its connotations is having a moment in the American foodie scene. Ethnic cuisine has always been the gateway to other aspects of the immigrant communities and despite being the first historically recorded Asians to touch North America since 1587, Filipino food is finally receiving some attention.

Does anybody know where we can get the Pork Adobo Burger in the San Francisco Bay Area?

If you're comfortable in the kitche, you can also make it on your own:

Pork Adobo Burger


For the patty

  • ground beef 
  • chopped bacon 
  • salt 
  • pepper 
For the adobo sauce
  • soy sauce 
  • vinegar 
  • garlic 
  • onion 
  • bayleaf 
  • pepper 
For the bun
Freshly baked pan de sal from your neighborhood Filipino bakery. (Hawaiian sweet bread might be used as a substitute, but it ain't the same.) 
1. Combine chopped bacon and ground beef, and shape into a patty of your desired size. We recommend making one inch-thick patties.
2. Heat a pan with vegetable or canola oil over medium to high heat. Sear the patty for 3-4 minutes per side.
3. Season the patty with salt and pepper.
4. Slice pan de sal in half, and toast each piece.
5. Place a bed lettuce and tomato onion on the burger.
6. Top your burger with the adobo sauce.
For the adobo sauce:
1. In a bowl, mix soy sauce, vinegar, bayleaf and pepper corn.
2. Heat pan with oil to medium heat. Sauté garlic and onion.
3. Add the liquid mixture to the pan, and stir until reduced.