Sunday, March 26, 2017

Jo Koy: Journey of a FilAm comedian leads to Netflix special

FILIPINO/AMERICAN COMEDIANS are a rare breed. One comedian is breaking the stereotypes of AAPI men as shy or not out-going with his laugh-filled performances, often focusing on his mixed racial heritage.

BE SURE to tune in to Netflix beginning March 28 to watch Filipino/American comedian Jo Koy's special.

The Tacoma,Washington standup comedian credits his Filipino mother for his comedic and acting talents. She encouraged him to take part in school talent shows and like many Filipino children, do impromptu performances for family and friends.

The comedian is known for mining his Filipino/American heritage for his material, telling stories about his colorful stage mother and updating audiences on his son. He's got the Filipino accent down pat. 

This is the third TV special for the comedian. He did two highly acclaimed specials for Comedy Central.

He was selling women's shoes for Nordstroms to supplement his career as a comedian, when he got the break that changed his life - an appearance on Jay Leno's Tonight show.

From there, he was able to quit that job and pick up gigs across the country, including Las Vegas.