Thursday, March 23, 2017

AAPI Congressmembers vow to fight Trumpcare

SUPPOSEDLY, the American Health Care Act known as Trumpcare, will be voted on Friday (March 24). Despite pressure from the White House, a number of Republicans will be voting against it. They will be joined by Democrats in the House of Representatives, including the AAPI lawmakers below.

The House was scheduled to vote on the act Thursday (March 23) but it was apparent that there were not enough votes for its passage so the GOP leadership postponed the vote until for Friday. 
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A last minute meeting with the radical conservatives who want to eliminate parts of Trumpcare and moderates, who pushed for keeping elements of Obamacare, apparently failed to change any minds as of late Thursday night.

The promise to repeal and replace the Affordable Healthcare Act instituted during President Obama's tenure, was a major plank during Trump's presidential campaign. The pending defeat of Trumpcare will be seen as a major defeat for the White House resident and puts into question the leadership of Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan, who crafted and introduced the AHCA.

On the anniversary of Obamacare, California's Sen. Kamala Harris delivered a speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate even though the Senate is not voting on this version of Trumpcare.

“Ultimately, I believe this bill isn’t just about medicine or math— I believe this is about morals," said Harris, the first Indian/American woman elected to the Senate. "The plan that the House is voting on today is a value statement. And it’s not a good one. As our former President said about the ACA, ‘This is more than just about health care. It’s about the character of our country. And it’s about whether or not we look out for one another.’ So I think we need to take a good and hard look in the mirror and ask: who are we as a country? Are we a country that cuts the deficit by cutting care for our most vulnerable? Let’s look in the mirror and ask - are we a country that gives tax breaks to insurers while giving higher medical bills to patients? Are we a country that tells seniors, and cancer patients, and women—‘you’re on your own?’ Are we a country that sees healthcare as a privilege for a few or a right for all? And I believe that’s what we have to decide.”

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