Thursday, February 16, 2017

Fashion magazine stumbles badly on diversity

IN THIS AGE of #OscarsSoWhite, whitewashing and yellow face,there is a lot of talk about diversity, inclusion and cultural appropriation. But how those terms are defined differently by different people.

Folks at Vogue are learning their idea of diversity doesn’t fit with a lot of other people. Whatever their intention, they blew it.

In the just released diversity issue of Vogue, they have Danish-German American fashion model Karlie Kloss in black hair dressed in a geisha.

The issue was shot in Japan, so Vogue decided to throw in a sumo wrestler for good measure.

Social media is abuzz about this with the topic trending on Facebook. The words yellowface, cultural appropriation and racist have been used by many to describe the issue.

As New York Magazine wrote in The Cut, “one would think that designing an entire issue around “diversity” would have stopped this editorial before it even started. Apparently not.”

The firestorm created by the six-page spread was strong enough for Kloss to issue an apology.

But the firestorm of reactions in social media were mostly calling out the fashion magazine and its editors. It makes you wonder what is the ethnic makeup of the magazine's editors and how in the world did this embarrassing faux pas pass muster.