Saturday, December 24, 2016

Family seeks shelter, become refugees

MANY, MANY YEARS ago, so the story goes, in a far off land, a family sought shelter. But they couldn't find a place to stay. They went door to door only to be turned away. To top off their problems, the woman was pregnant and could deliver her baby at any moment.

Finally, a sympathetic man offered the refugee family shelter in the place where his animals stayed. It was dirty and it smelled like the animals and sanitation was nonexistent. There was no bed or bedding so they gathered straw together and made themselves as comfortable as they could.

It was in that humble place that their baby was born. 

Visitors - we are told - came bearing gifts.

Every newborn changes the world. 

The oppressive ruler of their country, fearing the prophecies, ordered all the male infants and toddlers killed.

The baby and his parents made a late-night escape from their home country in the Middle East. As refugees, they sought safety in a far away foreign country. 

Fortunately, they were not turned away. The refugee family stayed there until the mad king died and it was safe to return to their home country.