Thursday, November 3, 2016

A message from the cast of 'Fresh Off the Boat'

EARLY VOTING is going on right now in many states. The majority of the voting will take place on Nov. 8. 

The Asian/American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) electorate is a formidable community with the power to shape and influence elections down the ticket throughout the country.

There's so much at stake in this election. Asian/American voters make up only six percent but in certain communities, their votes could determine the outcome in local races. AAPI votes could cause some of the swing states such as Nevada and Virginia.

Since this election cycle started, AAPI celebrities have joined their peers in urging people to register to vote and now, to cast their ballots. Here's a PSA featuring the cast of Fresh Off the Boat, produced by APIA Vote, a nonpartisan organization advocating political participation in the AAPI community .

Though the AAPI electorate is projected to double from 5.9 million eligible voters in 2015 to 12.2 million eligible voters in 2040, the strength of AAPI voters in many states today have been, and continue to, make their voices heard and influence the political process.

In the last three presidential cycles, approximately 620,000 new AAPI voters entered the electorate, with eligible AAPI voters in various states making up more than 5% of the state’s electorate, including Nevada, Virginia, and California. It is increasingly clear that candidates and elected officials must understand our growing political power and address issues important to our communities.