Monday, October 24, 2016

Asian women targeted in Seattle robberies

By Louis Chan

POLICE IN SEATTLE say they’ve found no connection between the robberies of nine Asian women in the last two weeks, despite happening in the same area.

The description of the suspects differ in each case, but the patterns of similarities are startling.

They all happened in homes near Seattle’s Beacon Hill and the Rainier Valley.

Jewelry and other valuables were stolen in each case.

The suspects have come up to their victims from behind, or began a conversation with their victims before snatching jewelry, purses and credit cards.

Six of the nine robberies happened between 4 and 7 p.m. and many of the victims were walking from their cars to their homes when robbed.

Authorities urge victims to call 911 immediately. Some of the victims in these cases called relatives first who then called 911. That delay costs extra minutes and stalls both police response and their ability to apprehend the suspects.

“I have to take precaution maybe have extra set of eyes,” an elderly woman who lives in the neighborhood said to to Q13 Fox .