Sunday, August 7, 2016

Honoring Tim Lincecum's remarkable career; Fil/American pitcher designated for assignment

Tim Lincecum, in his prime, was unhittable which led to winning the Cy Young award for two consecutive years.

By Louis Chan
Reprinted from AsAm News

A PHOTO of two-time Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum’s trade mark fist pump and smile hangs on my wall.

The picture actually had been put away in my closet, but when I heard the charismatic, yet quiet ex-San Francisco Giant had been sent bags packing by the California Angels, I decided to put his picture back up.

Too many memories of better days to let Timmy collect dust.

His bid to comeback to prominence apparently is over after going 2-6 with the Angels during which he give up an average of nine runs a game after not being resigned by the Giants.

You had a feeling something wasn’t right with the Filipino/American pitcher when he kept pushing back his audition this off season. He had been working on his game in private away from view of the public, refusing to let even the scouts see until he threw himself an open audition attending by some 20 teams after the season started.

Its been a steady decline that started in 2011. Sure, there were glimpses of the old Timmy including his second no-hitter against the San Diego Padres in 2014. It was moments like that that gave long time fans hope the Timmy magic had not completely disappeared, but it did. In 2014, the last of the Giants three most recent World Series championships, Lincecum was a non-factor appearing as a reliever for just one inning the entire post season.

I prefer to remember the glory days. He quickly became the team’s name plate after coming up from the minors in 2007. After Barry Bonds left the team, it was Timmy who would bring the Giants back to greatness and lead the team to the first of three World Series titles starting in 2010.

Who could forget, let alone hit, his 97 mile per hour fast ball. Who could forget his back to back Cy Young Awards for being baseball’s best pitcher in 2008 and 2009. Who could forget Timmy playing a key role in the 2012 World Series coming in as a reliever at pivotal points during the post season–doing whatever it would take to bring home another championship.

It’s expected Lincecum will clear waiver. He’ll then have to decide if he wants to continue to work on his games in the minors where the Angels have offered him a spot.

Timmy, your glory days may be gone, but you’ll always have a place up on my wall and in my heart.