Sunday, June 19, 2016

'The Freak' is back, fans cheer Tim Lincecum's comeback

Tim Lincecum fans came out to support their favorite Filipino/American baseball player.
By Louis Chan
Reprinted from AsAm News
TWO-TIME Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum made his debut as a Los Angeles Angel in Oakland not far from where he spent his first nine seasons as a San Francisco Giant.
Fans wearing Giant hats and number 55 jerseys greeted him with cheers as he walked on to the field in the bottom of the first.
Lincecum, whose mother is Filipino/American, pitched six strong innings allowing just four hits and one earned run to defeat the Oakland A’s 7-1.
“Pretty incredible, I wasn’t expecting that,” said Lincecum about the warm reception the fans gave him. “They came out today and showed their support. It’s nice being out here close to where I started and having my Bay Area fans here. Definitely made it few like a home game to me.”
Lincecum was making his comeback from hip surgery and four sub par seasons during which he went 39-42 with a 4.6 ERA. That’s a far cry from his Cy Young years when he routinely mowed down batters and earned the nickname of “The Freak” for his unorthodox delivery and long hair.
Much has been made of Lincecum getting a fresh start away from the critical eye of frustrated fans who adored him those nine seasons as a Giant. On this day, it was the Giant fans who helped to energized him.
“I was pretty lucky to have that kind of following out there today. Inning by inning and throughout the game. So if anything, it helped me. It helped my cause.”
Tim Lincecum wasn't overpowering but he did enough to win; 6 innings, 4 hits.