Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How to help victims of the Nepal earthquake

AT LAST COUNT, the death toll from the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal a few days ago has topped 4000. Some media reports predict the death toll could reach 13,000. Most of the killed occurred in the capitol Kathmandu. The total of dead is sure to rise as rescuers and search teams are scrambling to reach the outer villages to assess the damage.

USA Today has published a list of the agencies to which you can donate aid or cash.

It's heartening to see how quickly aid agencies from around the world have responded to sending equipment, supplies and medical personnel to help the Nepalese dig out of the rubble.

The Nepalese need help immediately. Fast aid is essential, says Center for Global Development fellow Vijaya Ramachandran, who has drawn her conclusions from looking at the Haiti earthquake and other disasters. "The aid that comes in within the first weeks and even months is of a life-saving nature. That's the period when the local capacity is almost zero. So outside help is really important."

Here's a word of caution however in case you want to donate aid. There are some organizations that will take your money and devote the majority of it to administration.Even the best-intentioned organizations can fall into this trap. You want an agency that will put the money into direct assistance.

Survivors are still being found.

Nepalese shift through the rubble searching for survivors.